Track Plan

with Potential Customers

Want to know how many people have visited your site? Want to know what they pay attention? Want to know more advice on potential customers?

Service includes:

  • 1 track plan
  • 1 tracking report and analysis by month

HK$ 2,000 up/month


Marketing Plan

Email marketing is a new way of online promotion. The purpose is to use emails to contact potential customers.

Service includes:

  • 2 email web designs
  • 200 sent emails
  • 1 promotion analysis

HK$ 1,500 up

Small Shop

Promotion Plan

Suitable owned shops, such as florists, bookstores, fashion stores, etc. The purpose is to use a limit cost to let more people know your shop exists.

Service includes:

  • 1 basic search analysis and improvement
  • 1 month Yahoo and Google advertising
  • 1 social network dedicated page
  • 1 traffic report and analysis in first 1 month

HK$ 5,000 up

Social Network

Promotion Plan

Social networking is not only a good platform to communicate with your potential customers, but also one to try new products, the establishment and promotion of the brand, etc. If you would like to understand your customers in the faster way, social networking is a good choice.

Service includes:

  • facebook layout design and management
  • monitoring member messages posted
  • 2-3 times articles published per week
  • 1 traffic report and analysis by month

HK$ 7,500 up/month