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WiX website design and brand marketing
Wix Website Design & SEO

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We are committed to developing Internet systems, online store systems and website construction for small and medium-sized enterprises, including responsive websites, mobile websites, mobile applications, e-commerce platforms and corporate websites. Whether your business has been pushed online or not, regularly updating your official website and e-commerce platform can more effectively improve search rankings and attract more traffic to the website.

Responsive Website
Responsive Website
What is responsive web design?

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The popularity of smartphones has led to more customers browsing the web on their phones. In the past, mobile website designs and desktop website designs were created separately. This is a way to reduce the cost of re-creating the website, but it means that administrators have to update the webpage content twice. If the website does not have a content management system, data modification and update will be even more troublesome. In 2014, Google even announced that if a website does not have a RWD responsive architecture, it will seriously affect the website index results, causing the search results to drop or disappear.

Wix Online Store
24-hour business
Online Shop

Build a functional online store for SMEs and individuals to provide customers with a convenient and comfortable shopping experience. The management interface is easy to operate, and you can easily manage products, set discount rules and customer sales reports in the administrator backend system. Customers can also establish online transactions and payments on the website, bring products to different corners of the world, and quickly develop online business.

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Powerful web background management system
Content Management System

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Editor X is a complete content management system that Wix has spent many years developing. It only takes a few minutes to get started, allowing customers to fully manage their website content:

  • Multi-user rights management - departmental management, or top-down management

  • File management system - fast upload, automatic thumbnails

  • Online store content management - simple interface operation, on-shelf management, export report

  • Content Scheduling and Benefit Analysis

  • Online customer service system - real-time and non-real-time customer system

  • E-commerce management system - orders, payments, warehousing, logistics

  • Electronic Product Catalog Management System

  • Automatically convert RWD responsive web pages

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